7 Advantages of Plat Maps over Online County GIS

Over the years we have seen more and more county government departments create and host an online county GIS on their website. These are web applications that can either be free or require a paid subscription to view county landownership information. Though some might see this as a competitive threat to plat maps, we see it as a nice companion product to what we produce. We continually offer customers value through innovation and functionality. Here are 7 advantages plat maps have over an online county GIS:


1. Plat maps provide a complete overview of the county.
Plat maps give users a complete overview of the county while displaying the most important landownership attributes like name and acreage all at once. Our maps can be easily referenced to see this information whereas the online GIS is built to provide more detailed information about each specific property.

2. Our data is formatted in a consistent, user-friendly format.
We know there are many customers that require information and maps of more than one county. By using our plat maps you eliminate having multiple subscriptions and having to learn how to use each specific county online application.

3. Some people simply prefer a printed map.
Sometimes it’s just a matter of preference. We know the amount of smartphone users in this world is continually increasing, but sometimes people just prefer a good old-fashioned paper map. That said – we do highly recommend checking out all the amazing features our digital map products have to offer!

4. Rockford Map has a historical library spanning 70 plus years.
Rockford Map is a third generation company that has been in business since 1944. Any map we have ever published is available for sale in digital and print formats from our website. If you are in need of historical landownership information, this is something you will most likely not be able to get from an online county GIS.

5. You cannot use an online county GIS when you are in the field.
We know that some of our customers work in remote locations with little to no cellular coverage. All of our core plat map products work in the field with NO WI-FI OR CELLUAR COVERAGE NEEDED. So whether it is the printed plat book or one of our digital maps like eBook or MobilePlat – you’ll be covered in the field.

6. An online county GIS does not offer custom mapping opportunities.
Any of our maps and digital products can be customized and layered with additional data. So whether you are interested in topo data, CLUs, aerials or anything else you can think of, we can incorporate that data into our plat maps via our custom mapping department.

7. Online County GIS is actually a good companion to our plat maps!
We think both products/services offer tremendous value and that depending on the situation, it could be advantageous to use both together.

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