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We have the resources, data and artistic talent to create custom maps to meet all of your mapping needs. We love to think outside the box and our Custom Mapping Specialists are ready to hear your ideas. We've created custom maps for routing, planning, tracking, reporting, recreation, soil composition and much more. Check out some of our examples below to see our best and most creative work.

Whether it's for business purposes, personal use or just for fun, Rockford Map can create the right map for you.

Custom Plat Maps

Whether your area of interest is a single township, multiple townships, or multiple counties, Rockford Map can create the right map for you.   Our plat maps show large tract parcels with owner names, acreage and related geographic features, and can be created from our current plat books or historical editions.  Great for business or personal use!

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Aerial Map

By using aerial imagery provided by the USDA we can create a custom aerial map to show your property or any other area you are interested in. Data can be layered over the aerial image such as parcel boundaries, roadways, landownership information, district boundaries, etc. There are many uses for custom aerial maps whether you want to scout new hunting areas, examine the terrain, or simply want to highlight your property.

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Our custom family farm map is an enlarged aerial view of your parcel showing natural features and your highlighted property. The map is laminated and printed in full-color. Choose a personalized title for your map to make it even more special and unique.

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Radius Map

Custom radius maps can be made to show any distance from your desired location. Generally these maps include standard map features likes roads, cities, waterways, but we can also incorporate any additional data you may desire like parcel boundaries, section lines and landowner information. These maps are great to use for routing and delivery planning.

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Sales Territory Map

Keeping track of your customers and the territory you work in is essential to all service-based commercial companies. Our custom sales territory maps are perfect for anyone who wants to have a visual of your current territory or a planned expansion. Like most of our maps, we can incorporate additional requested data to help you stay on top of your game and ahead of your competitors.

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School District Map

Improve planning and bus routing with a custom school district map. We can make a seamless map of your school district that shows school district boundary lines, schools, city limits, roads, street names, railroads, water and more. These maps come with durable lamination for dry erase writing capability. The maps are full-color and approximately 42” x 54” with hanging bars included. Finished map size and price may vary depending on overall district size and additional requested features.

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Soil Map
We can create a custom soil map with data provided by the USDA. These maps are great for determining the value of farmland or managing cropland. A custom soil map with soil survey data can also be used to research a potential building site.
Topographic Map

Rockford Map can make custom topo maps that show contour lines for any area in the United States. Our topography data is provided by the USGS and can be layered on your map with other features and data to help you see the change in elevation of the land.

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All of our custom maps are built from scratch so if you have a specific request let us know and we will work with you to get you the map you need. All of our maps are available as print or digital formats and our entire plat map library (historical and new) can be incorporated into any custom map request.

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