Interactive School District Boundary Maps

Rockford Map Publishers helps school districts and superintendents improve planning and bus routing with our custom school district maps. Besides creating high-quality print maps, we offer GIS/mapping consulting services, and can help you put an interactive school district map on your district’s website.

An interactive school district boundary map can incorporate a wealth of valuable data: School district boundaries, attendance zone boundaries, school locations, roads, waterways, and any other geographical data you can think of! 

An interactive school district map can be very helpful for your internal employees as well as the community. You can save office employees time from having to answer phone calls and emails regarding attendance zone and district boundary questions. Real estate agents, potential new home owners, and district residents can utilize the address search function to see what school zone a specific house resides in.

Worried about getting the maps on your district’s website? Don’t be! Interactive maps can be delivered as simple HTML code. A simple drag and drop from your IT/web team and the maps will be ready to use on your district’s website. Once placed, any added changes on our end will automatically update and refresh the map on your website!

Depending on the size and structure of your school district, it could make sense to have multiple interactive zoning maps (i.e. Elementary Zoning Map and Middle School Zoning Map). Getting interactive school district maps on your website is an easy process and it can ultimately save your office employees time and provide excellent return value!

Contact us about our GIS/mapping consulting services. Get your own interactive school district map on your district’s website today!

Example of interactive school district map


1. Click on the link below to search your address. (i.e.195 John Ln, Shohola, PA 18458)

2. Click on the   icon to bring up the search box.

3. Once an address is entered and clicked on, a marker will appear on the map. Locate the map marker to see which school zone the address falls within.

Click here to search for your address

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