Landowner Mailing Outreach

Boost your marketing efforts with up-to-date, highly accurate landowner data available in most locations in the United States.


  • Lists can be segmented by acreage to accurately meet your goals
  • Can include landowners who live in (or outside) the county
  • Available in Microsoft Excel format for easy review and uploading into your chosen software


NEW SERVICE: Complete turnkey direct mail options (design, printing, mailing) available

  • Convenient, “one-stop-shop” takes the time and trouble off your plate, leaving you time for your business
  • Our process ensures that your marketing campaign reaches the intended audience

Technical Specifications

File Format: .xls
Common Supporting Software: Microsoft Excel®


Sample County Download

Recommended Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Appraisal
  • Auction
  • Bank, Credit, Lending
  • Insurance
  • Land Development, Housing, Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Timber, Forestry, Paper

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