“Do-It-Yourself” Multi-County Wall Map

Large multi-county wall maps displaying the landownership information from our plat books are by and large our #1 requested type of custom map. However, depending on how large of area the customer is interested in, there can sometimes be roadblocks in producing these large maps. Production and printing costs are increased and that is on top of whether or not our computers can even export such a large map. How do we get around these roadblocks? We like to call it a “Do-It-Yourself” Multi-County Wall Map!



We create a basic county wall map for every county you want. The map is the only part that is included in the print – no titles, map legends, etc. The expectation is that you will cut out each map around the county boundary and seam the maps together on a wall in your office… hence the DIY wall map.

One of the first companies to receive a set of maps like this was Agricultural Consultants. The maps are hung at the WS Ag Center in Darlington, WI. Colored pushpins are used to mark the land serviced by each individual salesperson. This creates an effective visual of the area each salesperson is working in, as well as the area the company serves as a whole.


What are the benefits of getting a set of DIY wall maps?

Cost to produce is less and we pass the savings on to you.
By not producing titles and map features outside of the county boundaries we are able to save on production and printing costs, which we pass directly on to you. A simple trim around the county border and the maps fit together like a glove due to the accuracy of our precision GIS mapping. Each county can be produced for less than the standard wall map price of $195.

We can produce as many counties as you want.
Generally, we can print any size as long as one side of the map does not exceed 60”. The difficulty with multiple counties is that the more landowner information you try to put on one map the harder it is for computers to process. In this scenario, you can assemble a multi-county wall map with as many counties as you want by seaming it together yourself. The only limitation is how much wall space you have available!

You can get updates as soon as the new plat book is out.
Every county we produce has a unique update cycle. Depending on your desired coverage it could take a few years until some counties are updated. With these wall maps you can purchase an updated county and swap it out with the older edition on your wall.


Interested in a “DIY“ Multi-County Wall Map?

Fill out our custom map quote form and a custom mapping specialist will be in contact to discuss pricing and available options!

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