6 Advantages of a Digital Plat Map over a Plat Book

Rockford Map Publishers has been known as the industry leader of plat maps for over 70 plus years. We consistently hear from our customers that they prefer our plat books due to our high standard of quality and accuracy (we appreciate the kind remarks!). Even though we have made our name on the plat book, we’re here to tell you there is something better! Our digital plat map products offer real value and additional benefits beyond the traditional, printed plat book.

Here are 6 advantages of a digital plat map over a plat book:

1. Same Day, Free Email Delivery
The first thing you do when you order a plat book is wait for it to be delivered. Who has time for that? When you order our most popular digital plat map products they will be delivered to you via email the same day! You also do not have to pay for shipping since email delivery is free. That is extra money and time in your pocket right from the start!

2. Commenting and Markups
Have you ever made so many comments or markups in a plat book that you have to start erasing them or moving around your sticky notes? With our digital plat map products you can comment directly on the digital plat map without any hesitation. You can save comments and markups and then edit or delete them at a later date. No messy plat maps.

3. Printing of Individual Map Pages with Lifetime Site License
If you were to make copies of one of our plat books you would need to pay for a license due to the fact all of our maps are copyrighted. When you purchase an eBook or MobilePlat, it comes with a Lifetime Site License that allows you to print individual pages or sections of the maps. This is instant value since the license is included in the purchase.

4. Smartphone and Tablet Compatible
You can be more mobile by putting your county plat maps on your smartphone or tablet device. You can have multiple counties loaded on your device and never have to worry about remembering to take the plat books with you in the car.

5. Ability to Zoom
Plat books focus on larger parcels due to the physical limitations of printing and the fact that there is only so much information one can show on a page. With our digital products you can zoom in and make the maps as large as you want so you can see even the smallest of details on our maps.

6. You can share the maps!
The Lifetime Site License allows for multiple users of the file as long as they are under the same site location. There is no need for buying additional plat books when one of our digital plat map products can cover everyone at your site location!

A digital plat map product is a great alternative to the traditional plat book. Whether you choose our eBook, MobilePlat, or one of our other digital plat map products, we are confident you will see the benefit and appreciate the added value!

Visit our Product Suite Overview page to learn which digital products are right for you.


* Some digital plat map products, like RMP SmartImage or Vector File, can take longer to process and deliver.

** eBook and MobilePlat come bundled with a Lifetime Site License. All other digital map products come with a one-year license that can be renewed.

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