Historical Township Wall Map Prints

Rockford Map Publishers has been publishing landownership maps since 1944. Over this time, our historical library has grown to include over 4,800 published county editions. What you might not know is that all our township maps published, within these editions, can be purchased as large, wall map prints! 

Historical Township Wall Map Prints are generated from the pages of our older plat books. We take digital, scanned images of the old maps and enlarge them to approximately 24″ x 24″ with a scale of 3″/mi. These maps can be made larger or smaller, but generally, a 2’ x 2’ map seems to do the job. The maps show large tract owners, parcel boundaries, acreage information and related geographic features. Historical map features such as cemeteries, schools, and churches may vary depending on the county, acreage of individual parcels, or date of publication.

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The digital map images are printed on premium, high-quality paper. Each map comes laminated with the option to add on hanging bars, but most customers prefer to frame the map on their own.

These maps offer a truly unique look into the past and make wonderful gifts for landowners or history enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in seeing who owned a specific parcel or just want a glimpse of the past, each of these maps has a story of its own!


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Want to get these maps in a digital format?
All of our township maps can be delivered as a .pdf, but this option is not available through the online store. Call us at (800) 321-1627 if you would like to receive a digital .pdf of a plat book page.

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