Landownership Maps and the Agriculture Industry

One of Rockford Map’s largest vertical markets is the agriculture industry. This makes a lot of sense when you think of how most of agriculture revolves around land! We provide high-quality landownership map products and services that help many different ag customers find landowners and reach landowners! So whether someone is managing land, buying and selling land, or spraying land… we can help them out!

Take a look at how some of our ag customers use our landownership maps and believe in the advertising value!

Alabama Ag Credit

“Our goal is to be the lender of choice in the market we serve. Advertising in Rockford Map plat books allows us to reach a very specific, yet vital, demographic. When folks are looking to purchase land, we want them to think of us. Rockford Map plat books help us to do just that – they allow us to advertise our business as people are seeking information about land in their area. That is incredibly valuable to our business.”

Buy A Farm Land & Auction Co LLC

“, we sell farms and rural properties and use Rockford Map plat books daily. They are an essential part of our business for accurate information, to determine land ownership, and locate properties. I have found them to be much more accurate than some other plats books we have used.” – Wayne Keller, Managing Broker

Heartland Ag Group Ltd.

“Heartland Ag Group Ltd. offers professional farm management, real estate brokerage, appraisals, and consulting services to landowners, farmers, and investors regarding Illinois farmland. A picture is worth a thousand words – simplifying the location, size, and surrounding features of a tract of land. Rockford Map plats are clear, concise, and easy to access. They are invaluable in the initial identification process of any tract of land.”
– Dale E. Aupperle, President

LeRoy Fertilizer Services

“LeRoy Fertilizer Services is a full service ag chemical retailer in SE McLean County. Using Rockford Map plat maps, whether it be the plat book or eBook, gives us up-to-date field boundary and location information on customers’ fields when we dispatch our drivers for the day. Advertising in the plat book puts our name and information in front of potential customers and landowners in our trade area, reminding them we are a locally owned and operated business in McLean County.” – Bob Spratt, Manager

Prairieland AG LLC

“We are a retail fertilizer and chemical business covering many counties and townships. We try to sponsor key townships that we service. Rockford Map lets us put our name out to both familiar and unfamiliar agribusiness, as well as farm business.” – Tom Hedden, Manager


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