What does a Lifetime Site License allow me to do?

Rockford Map’s entire plat book library is registered with the Library of Congress and fully protected by Federal Copyright Law under Title 17 United States Code. In order to make any legal reproductions of our maps, whether it is for personal or commercial use, you need an authorized license.

We understand that having to renew an annual license for each county can be a burden. The burden can compound if you are a frequent user that deals with multiple counties and editions. Years ago, we realized our customers needed a licensing option that was more affordable and flexible. We then introduced what is now known as a Lifetime Site License.

UntitledWhat is a Lifetime Site License?
The Lifetime Site License is a license that comes bundled with our two most popular digital map products – eBook and MobilePlat. You do not have to annually renew the license, as it is valid for as long as you retain the digital file. However, the license is only valid for your site location. Pretty simple, right?

All of our standard licenses are site specific; meaning it only applies to one site location. If your company has multiple site locations or branches you would need to purchase a separate eBook or MobilePlat for each location. Otherwise, we can develop a custom license to streamline the account management process.

What can I do with a Lifetime Site License?
The license gives you great flexibility when it comes to using the maps.

With a Lifetime Site License you can:

1. View, modify, and print maps
You may view, modify and print unlimited copies of maps for internal purposes for your site location. This includes making digital mark ups or cropping selections and printing individual pages on your printer for internal use.

2. Put maps on multiple devices
You are allowed to put the digital maps on as many devices as you want, as long as they are located within your site location. This permitted use allows you to have the maps on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone–all with the same license!

3. Post maps on your website or marketing collateral
You are allowed to post limited portions of maps on your website or marketing collateral. Maps must be trimmed so no more than 50% of a single township map is displayed. The following credit line must be displayed: Reproduced with permission of Rockford Map Publishers, Inc. Rockford, Illinois.

Is there anything I CAN’T do with a Lifetime Site License?
The main thing you are not allowed to do is share data with others outside of your physical site location. Examples would include sending maps via email, putting files on a server for other site locations to access, and printing pages then distributing to external sources, etc. The Lifetime Site License does not allow you to resell, distribute, or duplicate the maps or data unless you have received exclusive written permission from us.


Have you experienced the benefits of a Lifetime Site License?
Visit the Buy Now page to see our eBook and MobilePlat availability for your counties of interest.

If you have any questions regarding licensing please contact us here.

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