Management Team


Suzanne Young

Suzanne started her work at the company in drafting and cartography using traditional pen and ink methods.  She has dedicated her entire career to the family business and during her tenure has worked in every area of the operation. 

She is responsible for elevating the business from hand-drawn cartography to a GIS based publishing company and expanding the company’s proprietary product line on a national level.  Today she is the third generation owner of the business and is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. 


Charlie Lunn
Senior Vice President

Charlie brings a broad background in GIS, physical geography and field ecology to Rockford Map. He began his career at the company as a digital cartographer and is now responsible for managing all aspects of Rockford Map’s GIS and cartographic production using his expertise in land records and spatial data analysis. 

He created the proprietary processes used to develop and maintain our unique suite of property based maps.  He manages the company’s strategic data relationships and continues to coordinate partnerships within county governments across the country.  He is involved with all components of the business helping to coordinate process improvements and efficiencies in every area of the operation.   


"Everyone on our team understands the importance of producing a quality mapping experience for our customers.  We share a vision, we enjoy working together, and we love creating relevant solutions to your mapping challenges."   

- Suzanne Young, President/CEO